Like a fire

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Four decades have rolled by since the day I said yes to my dearest friend, saviour and lord Jesus. I'm amazed that the single greatest and most important decision of anytime in my life was as a child asking Jesus to come into my life. Today I understand the cost of that moment, and can say confidently, I have no regret. Knowing Jesus has been like a consuming fire. Like a fire he surrounds me with warmth and light. A fire needs oxygen, which is like Gods love to me, unconditional and at times beautifully overwhelming, breaking and remaking me time after time. A fire needs a fuel source, which is like Jesus the word thats alive. I have never seen him with my eyes, but I have seen him walking through the pages of my bible and my heart burns for him. A fire needs a spark to ignite combustion as is the Holy Spirit. No greater gift has ever been given to me. There are no words to describe what it feels like to have the Holy Spirit living on the inside. He has never stopped speaking through me, or filling my imagination with vision and my heart with dreams.  I'm over fifty now but the fire hasn't gone out... In fact its getting hotter

Jesus Calling


Jesus calls children,

I spent four years scripting, creating and filming a stop motion animated film for children. In the end we produced 45 x 5min episodes that unpack the story of God's love through the Bible. I chose to tell this story because I had a spiritual encounter at the age of seven that defined the person I would become. I was in a large room with 100 other kids hearing a story about Jesus dying for our sins.  I was suddenly aware of a presence around me, and I knew this was Jesus. Without any words being spoken I knew what Jesus was saying; he was asking me to follow him! I didn't understand everything in my mind, but I believed in my heart and followed him. I am convinced that Jesus calls children to follow him, It happened to me!

My prayer is that when children watch ‘Encounter Series’, they would have an encounter with Jesus that would change them forever…..

Peter Blase

Taste and see...

At the age of ten I had a spiritual encounter which impacted the rest of my life. The year was 1974 and I was at a children's camp. Plenty of fun, food and friends, creating favourable memories that would stretch into the future. None more memorable than the night I experienced the “baptism of the Holy Spirit”. Each night, we would gather to sing and hear something about Jesus' love. The atmosphere always had a feeling of nervous excitement. Each night we were given the opportunity to make Jesus our saviour, or to go a step further and be baptised in the Holy Spirit. So… I stood in line to be prayed for. As I stood there, a wave of nervous energy flooded my body. My mind was full of questions and my heart was pounding in my chest. When the leaders gently placed their hands on my head I felt a deep peace like a heavy, warm blanket come all over me. As I fell to the ground everything around me faded out of my consciousness. I heard myself speaking words that made no sense. In fact, I remember thinking, “I sound like my father's speed boat when it was idling in the water”. I don't remember how long I lay on the ground in the grass that night, but when I got up, I was changed! I had tasted God's goodness, love, peace and power, and it tasted so wonderful. In fact, I became hungry for God…..

My prayer for iblaze

Two thousand years ago a small group of believers were gathered together in a room waiting for something from heaven that would help their Jesus ministry. That something was a someone, and that someone was the Holy Spirit. What happened that day could not be contained in the room. What happened that day would end the waiting. What happened that day ignited one hundred and twenty Jesus flares. What happened that day turned the small group into thousands of believers. My prayer for the ministry of “iblaze” is to continue what that fire started…