Connecting Kids to the 'Good News' in every corner of the world.                                       

peter blase


Hi, and welcome

My name is Peter Blase

I am the leader of 'iblaze ministry'

It began in 2012 with a desire to plant the 'Good News' in the hearts of a least-reached people group ...children.

I'm grateful for those who told me about God's love and plan for my life when I was young.

Following Jesus has been the single most important decision of my life!


Ministry profile...

I'm an ordained minister with the 'Australian Christian Churches', and an Evangelist with 'World Outreach International'.


Next generation...

I enjoy connecting with kids using every creative means to communicate, God's wonderful plan for their life.


Paying it forward...

It doesn't matter the country, colour or culture; children all need to know they are loved. It was God's love that gave me value as a boy, and Now I am paying it forward...


A visual God story...

I believe the Bible is still relevant today. We want to help the next generation open its pages and encounter God, using every life giving, creative means to capture their imaginations.


Every child should have the opportunity to hear the Good News at least once. Planting the Gospel in the hearts of the young is still the best soil to reap a harvest.

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Fanning the flame...

Ultimately we want to inspire and encourage those who influence children for good. Training, equipping and encouraging leaders is an important thing we love to do.