Jesus Calling


Jesus calls children,

I spent four years scripting, creating and filming a stop motion animated film for children. In the end we produced 45 x 5min episodes that unpack the story of God's love through the Bible. I chose to tell this story because I had a spiritual encounter at the age of seven that defined the person I would become. I was in a large room with 100 other kids hearing a story about Jesus dying for our sins.  I was suddenly aware of a presence around me, and I knew this was Jesus. Without any words being spoken I knew what Jesus was saying; he was asking me to follow him! I didn't understand everything in my mind, but I believed in my heart and followed him. I am convinced that Jesus calls children to follow him, It happened to me!

My prayer is that when children watch ‘Encounter Series’, they would have an encounter with Jesus that would change them forever…..

Peter Blase

My prayer for iblaze

Two thousand years ago a small group of believers were gathered together in a room waiting for something from heaven. That something was a someone, and that someone was the Holy Spirit. What happened that day could not be contained in the room. What happened that day ignited one hundred and twenty Jesus flares. What happened that day turned the small group into thousands of believers. My prayer for the ministry of “iblaze” is to continue what that fire started…Igniting faith in the hearts of the young and old