Encounter Stories DVD: Story of Salvation

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Encounter Stories DVD: Story of Salvation


“Encounter Series” is an entertaining, unique, creative, and heart warming presentation of the Gospel, created for children by evangelist Peter Blase. With forty five… five minute stop motion animated episodes, it brings the characters of the bible to life. The story line weaves its way through Genesis to Revelation inviting its viewers to encounter God the Father, the Son and Holy Spirit. No matter your age, you will discover Gods wonderful plan for your life as you watch His-story unfold…see you at the end!

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The Story Line in Each Episode

1. Creation of the universe and people

2. Satan, sin and death
3. Noah and the flood
4. Tower of Babble

5. Life of Abraham and Sarah

6. Life of Isaac and Rebekah

7. Life of Jacob come Israel
8. Life of Joseph

9. Birth of Moses
10.Moses and Pharaoh
11. Moses and Israel in the wilderness
12.Joshua and Israel in Canaan
13.Judges and leaders of Israel. 

14. King Saul and Prophet Samuel
15.David as a boy, warrior and King
16.King Solomons reign
17.Israels becomes divided: Israel and Judah: The prophet Elijah

18.The Prophet Isaiah and Jerusalem’s capture by Babylon

19.Daniel and the Jews in Babylon (Daniel)

21.Birth of the Saviour king
22.Jesus as a child
23.Jesus Baptism by John
24.Jesus Tempted by Satan
25.Jesus begins travelling and preaching
26.Jesus calls disciples and chooses Apostles
27.Jesus message (Gospels)
28.Jesus performs miracles, deliverance and heal (Gospels)
29.Jesus disciples worship him as Lord (Gospels)
30.Jesus begins his plan of Salvation
31.Jesus warns about the future
32.Mary anoints Jesus for burial.
33.Jesus is crucified on the cross
34.Jesus rises from the dead
35.Jesus ascended into heaven
36.The day of Pentecost and the out pouring of the Holy Spirit
37.Life and community of the church  
38.Saul and persecution

39. Saul's missionary journeys
40.Paul’s appointed leaders
41.Johns Letter revealing Jesus and the future
42. The rewards of following Jesus

43. Return of Jesus
44. The Judgement at the end of the age. 
45.The new eternal Heaven and Earth.